Blogging and Content Marketing

Have you ever wanted to be a source of information?

My Paleo Vegeo empire started with one simple blog. And now I get revenue offers from around the globe, as well as I have published books and have created nutritional coaching programs for coaches to use ... all because I wanted to share some information.

Blogs drive more people to your products than your average website. People are drawn to an authentic connection, and that will drive your revenue.

Blogging has evolved from being a personal online journal, like I initially started with, to become one of the most influential methods of communication for people around the world today. Blogging creates something bigger than we could have imagined. Bloggers get endorsements, job offers, even book publishing deals. It's time to investigate what makes it so appealing, from setting up a personal blog to exploring the opportunities for businesses to move into the blogging stratosphere. The value of compelling content has never been higher, and it's time to learn how to create it!

This 4 and a half week course will take you through an introduction to what blogging really is. You'll dig into content planning as well as content curation! You'll also learn the most important part, SEO. If your blog isn't getting any rank love, you aren't getting out of it what you need.

Beyond the basic blogging, what about starting a VLOG? Video content is essential in today's global market. 6 out of 10 people prefer online video content. Facebook has 4 billion daily video streams. Not even considering Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and more!

But of course the big question is... how do I monetize this? Not only will you learn how to monetize your blog through both content and advertisers, but you'll learn how to engage with your tribe for your brand development. Are you ready to get started?