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Network Marketing and Direct Sales Support

I have been a part of many network marketing organizations, but one of the best and worst experiences in my life was building my BOOM Team with Ocean Avenue. I was able to build up the largest team of volume in one of the first teams in the United States before I left.

But things happen for a reason. I probably would have stayed with them and never been brought back to my passion of coaching if they would not have merged with JM International. And then I would never have found what my body, and my daughter's body was missing nutritionally.

Never regret your choices, even when they come to an end. I've seen many good companies close over the years, and people that felt that everything was for nothing. But until you get on the other side where you can look back at the experience, you won't know what it means.

I am actually thankful for every opportunity I've been a part of, and those that I decided to walk away from. But I NEVER walked away from my team. Never let those folks down that looked to you for guidance. I learned so much about myself while I was building this amazing team of people, who have become some of my dearest friends. I also learned that there are no limits, and that even being placed on a lame leg doesn't mean you cannot be successful. There are those that can recruit anyone, but I learned that the truth of success is recruiting those that you qualify and then being there to train, support and grow their abilities and success will follow.

The Simple Training Secrets

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I work with women from many different businesses to help them design and launch, or develop and grow their network marketing team and business. 

I would love to share the secrets that led to my team success with your team through my 30 Day Holistic Integrative Brand Discovery Program. This is perfect for new business owner or someone that likes to go at their own pace. And I can even help you design your own personalized training program if you'd prefer with my

Things I can teach your team:

I can teach your team to set up their social marketing plan and social media sites, generate traffic, convert that traffic into leads, get those leads into your sales funnel, relationship forming, sponsoring new enrollees, and how to design levels of training within your organization.

Would You Like To Build Your Network Marketing Business?


Online 30 Day Business Bootcamp that takes you through weekly assignments to take your holistic-based network marketing business to an entire different level of success. We will cover the four cornerstones of business growth, create your core five priority alignments, learn to qualify your leads, and how to nourish your downline to duplicate success, all while building your own personal brand. This is the same training and techniques that I have developed that has made my network marketing business a success, and allowed me the ability to stay at home, be there for my family, and make money even when I’m taking time off for leisure or learning. 
personal coaching
individual business guide

$59999/12 weeks
Online 12 week integrative business and brand development program that takes you through weekly assignments and four personal coaching calls where we will define your holistic-based network marketing business, and work on your goals and accountability for both self and team. 

This builds out your four cornerstones of business growth, and digs deep on your core five priority alignements. You will create a specific plan to qualify your leads and place them in the proper place {lead, customer, team member, leader}. We will build out your specific team development guidebook to nourish your downline for duplicatable success. 
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Personal Development Training for your team is also available. Contact me for pricing and for a free consultation to determine if this is right for your team.