Viral Marketing

Have you ever wanted to create a Viral Buzz?

You take a video, and it suddenly is everywhere! I have seen viral posts, viral photos and viral videos take off and create big revenue in a short amount of time. You can make easily $1,000 on a viral video in a week, and some YouTube content creators make six figures annually.

Every digital marketer strives to create something that goes viral. The trick is to tell your story through amazing content, so that your audience wants to be a part of your success. Viral Marketing is simply a method of getting your content to explode onto the web and using your audience to spread your story like a wildfire.

Story telling is what makes authenticity into revenue. It's why some people make millions in Direct sales, and why others fail. It's not about selling a moment, it's about being in the moment.

Over four weeks you're going to learn the art of telling your story in words, pictures, and videos. You're going to delve into how to organically funnel your marketing into a flow that will help you gain the followers and buzz you desire for your business growth.

You'll learn how to drive profitability (or other positive metrics) and monetize your content creation hours to take potential customers on the journey with you, and convert a larger number of click-throughs. As well, of course, you're going to learn and conquer your SEO and SEM fears to make sure you are hitting placement when you are placing your content. Because if no sees it, does it really exist?

Finally you'll learn about the most important strategy for success, user generated content. This takes your marketing beyond the four walls, and into a broad world in a way that you could never accomplish on your own. Your tribe is your power, and that's why your authenticity is essential.

So if you are ready to take your brand viral... let's get started!