Why Do I Love Group Coaching Programs

It's true that one-on-one coaching might seem to be the holy grail of business, life, and even health coaching, the truth is, many people actually prefer a group program. Especially for a personal trainer, the ability to make more is all relevant to your time. There is a reason why the Facebook Group has taken off as the most successful path for any coach, designer, trainer and network marketing professional.
With one-on-one coaching, it’s just you and me. The focus is all on your business, what you did (or did not) accomplish in the last week or month, and how you can improve. In other words, it’s a bit of a vacuum. There is no mastermind component to the one-on-one coaching, although it does allow for laser focus when needed.
Group coaching, on the other hand, has a much more social dynamic, and you might just find your clients actually prefer that. When someone posts in the group and everyone chimes in to help out, that's a real life motivator. Think of it as an internet hug!
Group coaching offers a sense of community that’s not found when it’s just you and your coach on the phone. With a group program, there’s often a Facebook group or forum where members can support one another, gain insight into other business models, and get advice in real time from people who have been there.
Need a shoulder to cry on about your landing page flop? How about a few cheerleaders as you prepare to step outside your comfort zone for your first keynote address? A group coaching program offers all that, and best of all, with a community of like-minded members, the help and support is actually, well, helpful.
Here’s another win for group coaching programs: the price. While it might be nice to work with that in-demand coach on a VIP day, the fact is that many people won’t be able to shell out that kind of cash.
Direct Sales Group Program For Wellness Professionals
A group wellness program gives them many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. And there is nothing more simplified than having a done-for-you group program and sharing it with potential wellness enthusiasts to build your direct sales business.
Lastly, with a group program, you’re very nearly guaranteed a successful outcome—especially if the program has been around for a while. Group coaching programs such as Marie Forleo’s incredibly successful “B School” has long been proven to change the lives of those who take the course. Naturally, participants must actually do the work, but the fact is, the model is solid, and clients know that going in.

Are you thinking of creating a group coaching program? Keep these points in mind. You might just find out your potential clients have been waiting for you to take this step for a long time.