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Dear Fellow JOY and Well-Being Seekers,

We all know someone who takes on the practice of meditation. For some people, it’s a daily practice, while for others it’s just for emergency situations. Can you become one of the masses and take on the practice of meditation, as well? Does it sound like it’s too time consuming and not worth the trouble? If you think this way, you’ll be in for an extremely pleasant surprise. Not only is meditation most certainly worth the time and effort, but the rewards will speak for themselves. There are so many benefits to meditation which will delight and surprise you. It is easy to forget to ask questions, and move into conclusions that make you forget you are magic! However when you start using this took every day, you'll start to find that magic unicorn living in your soul!! 
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  Making time for meditation and incorporating it into your daily schedule, no matter where you are or what you're doing
  6 important tips to get started right away ...and a whole bunch more. Unleash the power of meditation in just 10 minutes a day and see the focus and many other benefits it brings you.   

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If you're tired of being distracted and feel like you're falling behind in life or work, grab this free guide right now. Just click on the button above and let's make magic together. As a special addition here is my personal meditation checklist:  

Pick and Choose the Meditation Techniques Which Work Best for You
o Centering
o Shielding
o Grounding
o Deep Breathing

Start Making Magic in As Little As 10 Minutes Per Day
o Make time, not excuses
o Practice meditation anytime, anywhere
o Check in with yourself. See how you are being and what you want to create
o Clear your mind
o Foster gratitude
o Use meditation to set and achieve goals

It's Simple To Get Started as a Beginner
o Start Slow
o Set up a space just for you
o Be clear with others about your intention to begin meditation practices
o Create a routine
o Stand in integrity
o Get a partner to enjoy meditation with
o Get an accountability partner to keep you on track
o Explore the many types of meditation to see which one is right for you

Step-by-Step Guide
o Choose your method of which works best for you
o Create a space
o Pick a routine
o Get comfortable with whatever comfortable means for you
o Create a routine
o Make it a habit
o Wait for the results – don’t hurry out of your first attempts too quickly. Give it time. If it gets too intense you can slow down. If you don’t see results right away, be patient
o Practice your breathing techniques even when you are not in your spot and meditating

Once you put this checklist into practice, you will begin to reap the rewards and see the benefits. Not only that, everyone around you will also begin to see and notice the change in you.