Before You Start With Resolutions, Let's Ask WEIP?

Before You Start With Resolutions, Let's Ask WEIP I Creation Workbook Virtuosoul Bija Coaching

Have you ever thought about making resolutions? What about making a big difference in the world? Everywhere you look it seems your tribe is getting it done, while you fail again and again. How do you stand out? How do you make it work this time? It's all about change and with this WEIP (what else is possible) Workbook you'll start creating a fully engaged awareness that makes change possible.

The course covers a new way to open your mind up to success. It's about vibes, visions, heart, soul and opportunities... and what about gratitude? A lot of gratitude in there because that is the spark to your fire.

If you think setting goals or creating a purpose driven life will be boring or dry, hit or miss, beyond your reach you may not have fully stretched yourself before on a higher vibration. It can be challenging to take the time from our busy lives to reflect on what you truly want – so congratulations for giving yourself the gift of time to create. This is your time
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! And that means the New Year is just around the corner. How many of you are so over New Year's goals and resolutions because they just don't seem to work out for you? Maybe it isn't you. Maybe it's the way you have been approaching goals, dreams, resolutions, change? If you are ready to make something very different happen this year... there is a reason you are seeing this post.
The WEIP {NOW} Creation Workbook + January Group is about to get started. The door is right here, so open it and let's get started! You'll get an email to join the private Facebook group and in January we'll start with the workbook and delving in together for creation, dreams and joy! ... I will be giving away four Mindset Unicorn : Mindset & Affirmation Card Decks during the month to help you along the journey.

What else is possible? #weip