Another Author Hits The Self Publishing Road : Heavens Legends

The first books in the multiverse from Christopher Lindahl is "Heavens Legends" and "Heavens Legends Part Two" ... a book so long we had to split it into two so that Amazon could print it. This was a fun book to work on, editing and designing the covers. I think that you will be seeing a lot more of this author as his series continues to roll out.

Heavens Legends:

The ultimate battle for supremacy between good and evil has now begun, and standing at the heart of this nightmare is a powerful young woman named Angelica Benattar who is determined to pursue the resurrection of our next divine savior who has been foreordained to bring peace into the world. And after years of preparation she has finally targeted the perfect soul who she believes holds the ability to vanquish the darkness and its hellish minions while defending the future from these ruthless predators who are obsessed with crowning a new overlord that will charge into the Celestial Kingdom and destroy God's dreams of creating the next generation of Heaven's warriors.

After opening his eyes on a strange new life, our hero Darias Knight takes the faithful reins of this extremely dangerous crusade; and with the help of the Heavenly Order and their hierarchy of Legends and Masters, he is given until the final strike of the clock on new year's eve to annihilate these demons and introduce the salvation that their hallowed linage had struggled to achieve.

If their mission fails and these earthly devils are allowed to enter the purity of God's beloved afterlife than the entire universe will suffer a fate worse than death, and this was why Angelica was allowed to work in the shadows and well beyond the hungry eyes of these ferocious beasts; but accomplishing this phenomenal feat with time running short could be asking for a miracle, especially when the ghosts of their past appear to be creeping out of every dark corner and those they once loved and treasured have turned their backs on these fateful visions for our redemption and have sided with the devil and his twisted desires for galactic domination.

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Heavens Legends Part Two:

With the dawning of a brand new year only days away, the Heavenly Order and their most gifted warriors pursue these dark threats on multiple fronts. And yet their best chance for survival still remains with Darias Knight and his trusted companions, but their secret weapon was conceived in an extremely dangerous miracle since the sacrificial death of Angelica Benattar was placed on exhibit for everyone concerned to see.

Only God had known about this tactical maneuver, but he knew without a doubt that the Black Legend would revel with this ceremonial execution and he would even flaunt this bloody-thirsty feat like a grand show of power as he attempted to gain the praise and respect of his Hellish Overlord and his minions. And since these vicious predators believed that this was the coffin nail that would bury the hopes of the White Legend this merciless assassination offered this ragtag group of Holy soldiers a window of opportunity that these demons would never appreciate, and with Christine Angelas shrouded in mystery this resurrected young woman became their secret weapon as she joined this quest well beyond the watchful eyes of the universe.

Even with this new hope inspiring their frustrated souls they fought on with a vengeance, and with each coming hour a new piece of this biblical puzzle began to fall into place since they had now come to believe that this highly educated wanna-be devil was using the ancient scriptures like a blueprint; and it was evident that he had foreseen the death of the next ascension of God's son as the key to his dark dreams and the blessing that was needed to open the Heavens wide to welcome his soul back home. But at the moment this ambitious demon was happy to remain cloaked in the shadows where he could safely wait for New Year's Eve to arrive, and this carefully guarded shield could have been their downfall; but luckily for our assembly of Celestial Legends this arrogant man-made devil was much too flamboyant to allow this ominous rise to power to go completely unseen and he started to take several strategic risks in an attempt to blind their eyes to the truth as he laid the ground work for an alluring trap that was designed to devour his enemies and leave them begging to what he believed was a fallen deity for guidance.

Even with the prospects for their victory dwindling, God's chosen warriors refused to except the punishing fact that the odds were stacked against them, and with what could easily be observed as a suicide mission they charged forward into this apocalyptic nightmare believing that the prophecy would ultimately prevail and their foreseen savior would faithfully seize the day and emerge triumphant, but this revelation was growing more difficult by the moment to believe. And as the final battle looms on the horizon and they're finally introduced to a close encounter with the ferocious nightmares that were prowling within the shadows and perched to strike, they said a prayer and trusted that Darias Knight and his devoted plan to destroy this evil would shine in the night and become their shepherd while protecting the future of humanity.

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