4 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without I A Girl Design - Barbara Christensen

44 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

There are tools that I use that I have to use to keep my business flowing. It comes down to making the most use of my time. 

4 Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without I A Girl Design - Barbara Christensen

Social Media Post Scheduling: Postcron is my go-to tool for my Facebook profile, pages, group posts. I also use this for Twitter and G+. I love that there is nothing else going on inside of the functionality, so there is no social media vortex to drag me into an hour of post scrolling. If you have ever used Hootsuite it's as bad as scheduling your page posts on Facebook. There are too many shiny objects that can get in your way and refocus your very valuable time. That's a drain that can take lots of hours away. It's why I took Messenger off of my phone, and why I took the Facebook app off my phone. If I really need to get to Facebook I can do it in a browser, but it's not right there in my face. 

Postcron additionally doesn't have the same associated feeling attached to it as Hootsuite does. People see Hootsuite attached to a post and they see someone that has checked out of building personal relationships. I still use Hootsuite to take my blogging RSS feeds and pull them into posts, but that is all. 
Video Content and Coaching Sessions: Expertory offers me a way to offer a video subscription to content, offer HIPPA certified coaching sessions and is just amazing for anyone looking to secure and create video content. I also use for non-HIPPA use Google Hangouts. Offering secure video content is the wave of the future. It's why companies like UDEMY exist and what is going to small time personal training to a big time arena. You can offer something bigger and better, and control it.

Now of course I still use Google Hangouts for Live Webinars, and then use my Windows Movie Maker for creating
YouTube videos from my podcasts, but each of these has a great featured placement in your video content offerings.

Automated and Downloadable Content: I use AWeber for all of my automated programs. I have used their service for several years. Every now and again I sort of get dragged off to try something else that is supposed to be the next greatest thing, and I always come back to this platform. And its the best value for the money out there at this time. I may find something else eventually, but AWeber is king in my book.

I use 
SendOwl for my downloadables so that they are protected. It also offers me an affiliate program for my materials. Win Win. I tried some of the content provider services out there, and for $97 a month or more I just wasn't getting my worth out of it. Especially when they offered no protections which means that they are making it simple to share, upload, and modify your creation. Just not worth it.

Make the most out of your time, so that you can spend the greatest time on those you love.