Why You Need Facebook To Standout In Business I Barbara Christensen

Why You Need Facebook To Standout In Business

We have all seen the posts about leaving Facebook by a friend at least once since we joined. The problem is that Facebook is still the top standard for doing social marketing and relationship marketing for the small business owner. Even with the trending changes to a pay-to-grow model, we are seeing more and more that if you want to engage friends and family, and grow that warm market, then you need to have a Facebook page.

So how can you stand out on Facebook from the rest of the competition. 

First be authentically you. DO share images that associate visually with your brand, don't make your entire brand be about your product. YOU are the brand. The sooner you connect folks to who you are the sooner you'll start seeing the conversion rates jump up. 

Make sure you have great products to share. If you are a super rockstar recruiter or salesman than sure you can build a group and sell a product, but word of mouth is going to be the fuel to keep building your business in a way that is sustainable long term.

Remind yourself that unless you are a nutritionist, or a politician, your page should be visually and mentally attractive. Share pictures that make people happy rather than sharing pictures of your what's for dinner. Just like you, I am personally more attracted to pictures of cute cats than pictures of my smoothie. I admit it. So try to think like a visual enroller than in the small bubble that is our own personal world. 

Why You Need Facebook To Standout In Business I Barbara Christensen

Be different! If there are 500,000 people selling similar products to you, how are you the different key to what they are looking for. Find your niche, and grow from that. Use the 9:1 post rule as much as possible. Post one solid business post to every eight other information, photo, and personal posts on your business page. Try to make it something that invites others to connect, and that will help folks understand who you are, rather than just associating you with just another product.

Serve your viewers, and they'll come back when they are looking to buy.

As an example I had a friend that looked at a minivan at a dealership just down the road from my house. They were smarmy. You get my drift. I won't ever buy a car there even if they had one I wanted. Be decent and respectful in business and your business will always thrive.