The Rush To Complain I Serving & Gratitude In Business

The Rush To Complain 

I have seen so many people die this year, and so I think it helps to put things into perspective. We are so quick to complain. 

I'm too cold. 
I didn't get enough sales. 
That person never buys from me. 
I wish my life was that easy. 
I just have bad luck. 
Why are these people driving so slow in front of me!! 

But we aren't thinking about the good things

I have a home to live in. And a car to drive. 
I have enough. 
Everyone and everything in it's time. I am to serve. 
Until you've walked in their shoes, you can't judge their life. Attitude makes a difference in how we appear. 
Luck is what you make of it. 
Two minutes early and that accident would have been me! 

That last one, I had yesterday. I was rushing to get my husband's phone to him before he had a meeting and I couldn't find my daughter's back pack. I cussed and I puffed... and then we finally got out the door. Two minutes. It was a massive 8 car accident in the car pool lane. That's where we drive. Two minutes. I try to remind myself that time is as it should be. That life is as it should be. But sometimes I find my faith is not as fast as my functional crankiness. LOL... You know what I mean? 

The Rush To Complain I Serving & Gratitude In Business I Bija Coaching Barbara Christensen

And so I sat in traffic until I could move past the accident and said a prayer for those involved, and a thank you for not being on time. 

Less complaining and more gratitude in life is called for, even though it can be hard to do.

Currently my friend, Heidi, is serving in Kenya for two weeks on an amazing journey. I told her that  "There are moments in life that lift up our souls and connect us to the light that was always within. This is one of those moments." I truly believe that we can all have those moments even just by taking a minute to know that it's okay. We're okay. And so bring that to your business, and you will have the business you desire. You are on an amazing journey!! You just have to be there!!