REBIRTH : A Coloring Adventure I 30 Days of Creation

A Coloring Adventure

Just released... my coloring program that I have been using with clients to unleash those creative obstacles. I have based the program on designs that are aligned by pattern and shape to unleash your creative blocks, and open the door to your true passion and desires over a 30 day period. 

I believe that everyone has an artist in their soul that craves the nourishment that creativity offers.

Using the art form of coloring and the objective oval design along with daily journal use has been shown in my life coaching to help clients focus on their desires. 

Don't rush through this program. Really use the one drawing per day and visualize what the colors, the design, the emotions mean to you. Write it out, and think about what you are wishing for, and where you want your path to take you. This program will give you an understanding by connecting you with something beyond normal through patterns. Creative people dream bigger, and have broader imaginations. When was the last time you asked a child to tell you their dreams?

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REBIRTH : A Coloring Adventure I 30 Days of Creation Barbara Christensen Bija Coaching