Passion Is The Key To Follow Through

Passion Is The Key To Follow Through

I was talking to someone yesterday about "passion". You know it takes time to figure out what your passion really is. A lot of times as moms we're told our passion must be our children. As dads it's that you have to be the worker bee. We don't have the ability to do both.

But we do!! 

Passion Is The Key To Follow Through I You Have Options Barbara Christensen
I remember a conversation where my husband said once that he didn't want to bake bread for the rest of his life. And let me tell you that he was an amazing baker. Bread bakers from Italy wanted to bring him back to the motherland to work with them because he had a talent.

It wasn't his passion.

I remember I said, as I've said to many other clients over the years, "Then why do you have to??"

As Tony Soprano said, You have options!

I'm filling up my June Mini Launch Alignment Session. So what is it? 

This quick launch session is an ideal start for a quick, actionable and wholistic approach to figure those issues you've been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business. 

We’ll go through your random questions, your brand goals and focus points, as well as custom advice for development.   What you may want to discuss in your Launch Design Session:

  • Creating an outline for your new launch
  • Where to start with online development
  • Discuss alternative funnels for creating a passive residual income for your business
  • Brand and/or website alignment
  • Feedback for your next ebook, online course, or blog that you want to create
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