The Art Of Pricing & Upsells

The Art Of Pricing & Upsells I Bija Coaching

Your days of fishing for change out of the dryers at the laundromat are over.!! You’ve filled your funnel and you’re starting to see a steady stream of coaching clients or product prospects on your calendar. Congrats! That’s a great start to building a rock-solid business you love.
But the work doesn’t end with that first sale. In fact, it’s just beginning.
Your next job is to continue to have great customer service, make offers (and sales) to your loyal customers. Remember, it’s much easier to sell to a current customer than to earn a new one, so don’t ignore those who have already expressed trust in you.
Step-by-Step Offers
For each of your products or services, there must be a “next logical step” for those who buy. If the point of entry into your customer’s list was an eBook, then perhaps the next step is a video guide or an entry program or product kit. If she’s already purchased your video guide, a full 120 day program or a multi-week workshop might be next on the agenda. And if that multi-week workshop was a hit, private coaching or a retreat (or regional event) is going to be her next need.
By thoughtfully including “next step” recommendations in your follow-up emails and even in your products themselves, you can easily move your clients further into your funnel with timely upsells.
Automate Your Follow-Ups
Of course, it can be tricky to manage all your products and services, so savvy coaches are careful to create an autoresponder series to follow every product purchase. I have been using AWeber for over a decade because drip marketing really does work and it helps that you can try it for just $1. You’ll want to include emails that encourage your buyer to consume the products she’s already purchased, plus tips to help her progress even further. You an also start with another free favorite called Drip. For your first 100 subscribers you are totally free. Who doesn't love that?
As each customer buys your next offer, make sure you make use of the automation tools available in your email software to remove her from the “sales” list and add her to the “buyers” list for that next product. When you manage this well, your clients will progress easily from one offer to the next. I love that Drip has everything you need to set up triggers for these types of events.
Segment Your Lists
One thing to be cautious of is trying to force buyers to make too big of a leap. The woman who bought your $47 e-Book is not likely to sign on for a $1997 coaching program—at least not yet. However the woman that went through a 5 day clean eating challenge may be ready for a 10 day program or even a full 30 Day program. You have to judge based on that one-on-one communication and through real relationship building.
By segmenting your mailing lists you can avoid making overly aggressive offers, and instead send your buyers exactly what they need, when they need it.
Upselling your buyers is the key to higher income with less work. Don’t be afraid to make offers, and remember, a happy buyer is primed to make another purchase. She’s counting on you to show her what’s next, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re bothering or annoying her by making offers. Do it thoughtfully, and she’ll actually thank you for it.