The Universe Is Your Sales Force

Sometime we get so engaged in running everything, we forget what our passion is. What if you could employ the universe to manage your business? It may be something simple to start, even if you think it can't be done. I am betting you have spent time wishing you could hire a team of savvy sales people to stay in touch with your prospective clients and encourage them to buy. You can. Clone yourself by using tools in advance, or actually hire someone to manage this for you. Either way this is going to be the tip of the business BOOM for so many of you. That makes my heart sing because you'll get back to doing what you love, more often.
I love teaching my friends to put a few simple systems in place, ones that you can easily use to replace an expensive sales force with. These automated tools allow you to keep your products and services in front of potential clients. You’ll not only make more money, but you’ll do it completely hands free. All that’s required is a little forethought.
Your first must-have tool? An autoresponder. Simply put, an autoresponder is a series of emails that go out on a pre-determined schedule. They’re written to engage your audience and pull readers further into your funnel.
Typically, an autoresponder series will have at least seven emails in it, and is used as a lead generating tool. You offer an opt-in on your website with (for example) “weekly tips to stay productive during the dog days of summer” or “daily motivation for busy mompreneurs.” When your reader fills out the form, she’s automatically added to your autoresponder list, and you have her attention with every email.
The key though, is to write your series with specific calls to action. It’s not enough to just give her tips for being more productive. You have to also give her the opportunity to buy your products or services.
Done right, a drip autoresponder can help keep the cash flowing, even when business is down.
The fastest way to get your autoresponder up and running is to use a tried and true email provider such as AWeber. It’s simple to set up, and extremely affordable. Plus, you’ll find many VAs who are experienced with it and can help you out if you get stuck.
For the content, look back over your most popular blog posts and products. Posts can be repurposed to provide valuable content to your subscribers, with a natural upsell to matching products or services.
In addition, think about the questions you’re most frequently asked, what conversations pop up again and again, and what your social connections and competitors are discussing. What questions are you hearing, and what questions are you feeling nudged to ask!! The truth is that these nuggets what are just waiting to be asked are your building blocks for a compelling autoresponder series that your readers will not only look for, but actually read and build something you haven't even imagined yet. And if they’re reading, they get you, and they will buy in. I
As they move through your series, you want to keep in mind that subsequent offers should be more and more valuable, with the occasional low-priced offer thrown in.
In fact, if you’re using a more sophisticated system such as Infusionsoft or AWeber (and the $1 trial) with the AW Pro Tools add-on, you can easily move people between autoresponders based on the actions they take. That means they’ll see exactly the offers they want and need, and nothing else. I also love Drip and you can start that free if you have under 100 subscribers. It can make selling via email super productive, and best of all, completely automated so that you can keep on creating unicorn magic. That is what we desire, and now you will get out there, and share the energy, receive the sales, and keep building the delicious empire you desire!

The Universe Is Your Sales Force I Unicorn Mindset Revolution