How Negativity Creates A Lack Of Choice

Have you ever thought about the ways in which spreading constant negativity is harming your life?

It impacts your personal relationships, and as I loved hearing the other day, it makes you want to put everyone in a suit built for you, regardless of if you are built for them. As well it will change the course of  your career if you don't know when to keep comments and opinions in check  Living this life where complaining where complaining takes first place takes a toll even on your heath. How much of what you are feeling has to do with what you are sensing physically? It's important to understand just what a high price you pay for complaining if you truly want to overcome this destructive habit.

People don't like to be around complainers. Hearing nothing but negativity from a friend or loved one is a huge turnoff for most folks. Constant complaining can be contagious. Have you ever noticed that it tends to be easy to slip into a habit of moaning and groaning when you're around a Negative Nancy? Unfortunately, it's possible that you're the bad influence. If this is the case, it's likely your circle has taken notice. Most of us make an effort to avoid spending time with toxic people because we know it's bad for our own mental health to surround ourselves with their bad attitudes day in and day out. Being a daily complainer will probably be a fast track ticket to losing some of the important people in your life. People will stop answering the phone when all you do is call to complain, even if that wasn't your intention. As well they will lose contact on social media, because no one wants a negative Facebook feed.

So how does that impact your career if you are always posting the opposite of what you want to attract? Your professional reputation is one of the most valuable things you have. Not only must you be topnotch at your job in order to move ahead in your career, but you also need to possess soft skills like good communication and strong listening ability. Your people skills are definitely noticed when it comes to your work life. How you conduct yourself, get along with and lead others all play into your success. If you're known as a constant complainer, you can pretty much guarantee yourself career stagnation. Those who never seem happy and are always griping aren't known to be good leaders. No matter how skilled you are at your position, or how great your product is. Positive and content professionals are usually just being in the moment and enjoying what life may bring. That makes for more success if you are feeling that vibe.

Like I said, you physical and emotional health face the biggest impact when it comes to constant complaining. It has been shown that our brain actually rewires itself for negativity when faced with regular bouts of griping. So what do you do when your neural pathways have formed to accommodate activities such as complaining? You create some really magnetic habits that become ingrained into your neural functioning, making it easier to come back to these patterns again and again. You start looking for those negative items in your life, and if they don't appear you may 'manifest' them into your life in order to get that loop fix. Chronic complainers have proven to shrink their hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for problem solving, and responsible for increasing the hormone cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Cortisol affects a wide range of bodily functions, including the regulation of blood pressure, memory formulation, metabolism, inflammation, blood sugar and immune system. The more cortisol, the more damage to our bodies.

There are a few ways you can impact this in your life. First, start looking for something to be happy about maybe once an hour. Second, find an energy worker like myself that can help you rewire those pathways. Neuroplasticity is that ability of the brain to rewire neural networks.  Reiki or Access work can provide new information to the brain allowing that rewiring and helping to release energy that has been stuck, even if it wasn't yours to rewire at all. Most of what we hang on to isn't even ours.

I had an aha clearing the other day that just came to me, that really started to unravel some of the energy I was having a hard time shaking off.

Everything is lucky, nothing is lucky. 

Repeat that ten times a day for the next week and see how you feel. As we open ourselves up to possibilities, we release that negative door slam and start to see all of the choices we have. Are you ready to create that?


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