New Year, New Work / Pleasure


New Year, New Work // Pleasure

Pleasure /ˈpleZHər/

a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.

Think about the things, spaces and energies in your life that bring you real, true happiness. Embrace them and give to them in reciprocity.

Savoring the flavors and the scents of your food experience is an amazing way to bring pleasure into your life. I love the way a fresh lemon smells in the morning & the essential childlike wonder it invites into the day.

Listen to something uplifting first thing in the morning and do the same before you close your eyes. What sounds bring you joy? Is it an orchestra, a frequency, chimes, deep heavy metal, or maybe the soothing sounds of a drum? Bring different layers of these harmonies into your world and change the way you interact with it.

Touch is pleasure. From the softest blanket (like the one I am bundled up in right now sitting in front of my light lamp) to the feeling of your.own skin. As I removed the foods that were toxic too my body out of my life, the chicken skin on my arms disappeared. When I am in the shower I like to recognize my body for such a beautiful shift in its own journey. 

Talk to others. We live inna world of texting and when we text we lose the deep connection to humanity. Text is AI, created by the emotional depth within you & not the person sending it. Pick up a phone and call someone or Facetime & connect with the pleasure of their voice, their smile, their expressions. 

Our word for the week is Pleasure. Share what it brings up and invites you to in this brand new year!!

Barbara xx

Barbara Christensen / Bold Brave Bodies

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