So here we are ... last day of the month tomorrow. Are you going to push through? 

I think we live in this health crisis, where we don't want to offend others by reaching out to help them get the nutrients they really need. And in some cases, people choose what they know, and we will be okay with that when we realize that it is OKAY. When you shift into allowing others to have the possibility to choose whatever it is. That is where true service comes in. 

Not everyone is awake to the crisis of our soil, the crisis of our food, the crisis of the economy. People aren't always aware in the hustle and bustle that life changes really quickly. My mom had what would have been a nice nest egg 401K when she was working. However when her company laid her off, from a $60K/year job, she went to making $10/hour part time. Her nest egg over several years was completely drained. Had she been given a freedom option at that time, I think she would have jumped on it because she was always a go-getter. Now she needs the health option, and I am in need of really doing everything I can in the next few years before my life is about managing her life. 

I am grateful to have a plan B,C,D and E.  Because along with the coaching income, the blogging income, it is the residual income that will be the bread and butter as I get older. That's what I have learned. My goals is to be debt-free except for the house this year, which we could have done now if we didn't choose the send my daughter to a part-time private school as part of our homeschool plan. That was something we hadn't planned for as I sat in her classes a few years ago. The key for me is that I have listened, and learned about business as I have gone along. Those weekly Zooms are not always a spark, but they often are. And then weekly Tuesday night business trainings have given me so much insight into what is vital, valuable and possible in my business. So thankfully as a family we were in that mode of preparing for the future, and I was able to just write out a check for her art classes with a local artist for the entire year, and her entire year of tuition. What is possible for you if you start planning, and using an awareness to what the world desires from you? What dreams are you fulfilling and what biggers dreams can you achieve through the last five months of the year? Even if you aren't working this business, you are here because you have found what works. So don't be afraid if it comes up in conversation to be open and allow that customer in.

Life. We can impact our own, and we can impact others. What are you goals in everything you are doing, not just this network marketing business to impact others in August. How can we all build up some momentum for each other and boost up the world around us? 

Just some of my thoughts coming out of my Seattle Summit weekend. I would love to do a coaching session to help any area of your wellness or business in the next few weeks. Reach out and we can set it up.

"You also have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world." - Oprah Winfrey