How to Grow Your Social Media Reach : Live Training

How to Grow Your Social Media Reach : Live Training

Part of what I do is work with organizations, and individuals to create the brand, build their business, and develop the skills to expand it to all of it's full potential. Enjoy this live training on Social Media Marketing that was done for a group from the USA and Canada looking to build their direct sales businesses.

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And since you need a full course on how to leave a review and rating on iTunes, let me give you the steps how.

1. Click Down Arrow To Exit out of Listening Mode

2: Click Search Icon in Bottom Right (Magnifying Glass)

3: Type in Name of this Podcast (The Barbara Christensen Podcast ... which they have listed as comedy... which is AMAZING in my mindset!!)

4: Click Cover Art Thumbnail under ‘Podcasts’ (it is the same as the photo you see down below)

5: Click On The Middle Tab That Says Review

6: Scroll Down & Click on Write A Review

7: Tap 1–5 Stars to Leave a Rating

8: Click on Title & Type

9: Click On Description and write a short blurb

10: Click Send

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