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Working With Authors & Creative Clients I A Girl Design

Being an independent author, I love being able to work with other authors and creators as they define their niche not matter if it is moving into Amazon, or possibly beyond

Last year I had a fun second launch for a wonderful client, which then drove into a whole mastermind year of creating their brand, the next steps and slow work on developing through learning, laughter, and a lot of fine tuning. Part of the marketing on the second book was a relaunch of the website, and it is always fun wrangling the kittens in their marketing machine, but also putting back some of the fun that makes the client, and their creations, so special. And many of my clients are not women, and people are surprised that men are awakening to their creative energies. But that is because we are all awakening to our hearts. 

Male Authors And Creators

Websites are not the forte of a lot of authors and other creative entrepreneurs. You write books and programs, you don't design sales funnels. You also want to create something that is easy to maintain, modify, and grow with. With AI coming on track you can that some of these ventures can be simplified, but the real sales drive comes from a personal connection with you, and your product. What you perceive as you will last longer than what you perceive as your client. Look at Seth Godin who has perhaps had the most boring blog in my opinion of visual display, and yet have you seen his socks? Have you seen his books? Have your read his words? This man is the purple cow, and yet he is minimal in so many ways, and that shows up in that space. So you know with Seth you get what you get, there is not masking happening, and I love that! This is part of his personality, and that's something that his followers flock to. 

Authentic Branding For Authors and Content Creators

Three of the authors I worked with had powerful experiences over the pandemic. From surviving to thriving has a completely different meaning than it did a few years ago. It has been a few years full of change, and we're all wanting more. For myself, working with clients big and small to reach their dreams is still what keeps me motivated and excited to get up and create. 

Design is like mind mapping. If we take it to our neurological pathways, it is actually a psychological process that involves registering, creating, organizing, storing, recalling, and decoding information about a spatial environment. What you visualize in any given place, a person's past experiences and preconceptions will always color their opinion—whether they consciously know it or not. So if you aren't able to be authentically you in what you create, then you are not going to align to what your clients visualization is; book, program, or otherwise. 

If you are looking to create, find out more through a strategy session. Apply HERE. A mini-launch session may be all you need, or you may need more. But I will email you with some objective ideas and we can go from there.