7 Lessons I Learned in 2014 I A Girl Design Coaching - Barbara Christensen

7 Lessons I Learned in 2014

At the end of the year I like to go back and look through what I've learned, and build on the items that really had a major impact on my health, relationships, business or just the way I look at the world. I want to share with you 7 lessons I learned about all of these areas last year, and maybe the will change something for you in 2015.

My list of lessons I learned: 

1. Sometimes in order to let go of something, you have to realize it is already gone. 

I had a heck of a time this year right from the get go. My emotions were truly on a bender for most of the year. Between losing some relationships, realizing that some of my goals just were not going to happen in the way that I desired, and that was like this booming ah-ha moment. Think manifestation and how it happens on it's own time schedule and in it's own way, right?

What does realizing mean? First it is becoming fully aware of something as a fact, or understanding a situation fully. Or second, to cause something desired or anticipated to happen.

I had to realize that my control is gone the second I put something out there. Be it love, knowledge, desire.... I cannot move something that is not me. Get it? So I let it go. I started this meditation journey this year and I have let go of that fear of the great beyond. I'm allowing my own journey to happen, and reminding myself that others are on their own journey and I can only guide.

2. Leaky Gut syndrome is BIG time. 

I started realizing this year... being fully aware... that leaky gut is something that I was really dealing with. Over the year I did several candida style clean outs, and am finally getting rid of that overgrowth and the parasites that went along with it. However it wasn't until a few months before the year ended that I accepted the fact that I needed to address my leaky gut. So I am. It's a journey, but the more I learn, the more people I realize are dealing with this just like I am. So it's not just me, it's our society. That means that if we don't address it we're going to see more and more people dealing with this in ways that are just horrific to think about. Surgeries, medications, passing on debilitating epigentics. This may well be one of the top health items of our generation.

3. The most important life key is service. 

I think I love this, but I also had some additional ah-has related to this life lesson I learned. When you are working with someone, it should always be about the service without any attachment of expectations.

4. You need to have boundaries. 

Here's the second part of that life lesson... some people are just looking to suck your energy. You have to go through the key areas of designing your life by serving, of course, but then as you are building this relationship does it drive your purpose? Is the relationship aligned to everything that you are...business and personal. If not, draw a boundary and move into a place where you are healthy and fulfilled with the relationship and not resentful and unhappy.

5. I love you potatoes, but that doesn't mean you are my friend. 

I love and crave potatoes just about every day. But what I'm truly craving is not the actual starchy hot mess. It's the vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin B3, pantothenic acid and resistant starch. Healing my leaky gut and taking the properly methyalated B vitamins is a big help. But I have to remember that I need all of the rest of the package too. Sometimes I still have potatoes. I like to make them, dice them, cool them so I can have them the next morning. I just don't have mashed, or baked potatoes anymore. They are not my friend. They bloat me and frankly for those of you like me, the nightshade family is very gut-irritating. So onto squash.

6. A picture is truly worth one thousand words. 

When marketing your image people will look if it's visual. Almost all of the time. People like pretty. they like seeing something. It connects to who we are. A study called “13 Reasons Why your Brain Craves Infographics“ (NeoMam Studios) reports that we’re “visually wired” – almost 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing. So if you are trying to connect with a growing audience, adding a great photo will do that.

7. I want to go global in a bigger way. 

I have finally come to a place, even with the horrible year for airplane crashes, that I am ready to get beyond my fear and travel outside of my comfort zone to places of beauty. Why not. I'm in need of more visually stunning arenas to live in. Isn't that why we love photos? So that is something I hope to add to this year. Hopefully I can take some of my global business friends with me.